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Add tag while entering new task

espressodaily says:
I would like to be able to type the tags for a task at the same time I am entering the text for a new tag. I searched but I didn't find this anywhere. Is it possible?
Posted at 4:36pm on June 30, 2008
rossgoodman says:
I know what you mean, but this works:
Type the text for the task name.
Press Enter (creates the task)
Press s (shortcut key for tags)
Type your tags
Posted 11 years ago
bakercp says:
This seems to work on the gmail plugin -- i.e. tagwith, but I too would really like to add tags via twitter, etc -- any way to do this?
Posted 11 years ago
dwr816 says:
Thanks, rossgoodman, for the shortcut hint. I just tried it and think I'll start doing it that way. However, one warning. When I added a new item and used the "enter/press s" method to add the tag, I was in "multiple select" mode. Another task had been selected before I added the new item. When I hit "s" and typed in my tag, I tagged the old, already selected item, as well as the new one I just added. So, to be safe:
* Type n (to be sure nothing is already selected)
* Type t (shortcut to add new task)
* Type the text of the task
* Press Enter (creates the task)
* Press s (shortcut key for tags)
* Type the tags
Takes a couple more keystrokes, but probably wouldn't take long to get into the habit of doing it this way.
Posted 11 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Please see
Posted 11 years ago
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