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Creating tasks via twitter very inconsistent

tomharr says:
I have been trying to post tasks via direct messages at twitter and they are either a) not showing up at all or b) taking a very long time to show up at RTM. The messages show up in my sent items at Twitter.

I know twitter has had some of their own issues in the past couple of days, but this appears to be on the RTM side I think.

Any thoughts?
Posted at 10:43pm on June 6, 2008
sjferro says:
Twitter has been selectively restricting different routes in over the past week or so. Sometimes I have been able to get twitter via web but not twhirl or hahlo. My thought is that issue is on twitter side.
Posted 16 years ago
tomharr says:
Update... so it has been nearly 24 hours since I started noticing issues between RTM and Twitter and since that time none of my 11 attempts at task creation have succeeded.

As I've mentioned before, I do see the message in twitter under Direct Messages (Sent).

Is anyone else having issues? Maybe I should write twitter if no one else is experiencing this issue.
Posted 16 years ago
michaelcaruso says:
I have the same problem. I sent several tasks through twitter yesterday afternoon and none went through. If you read Twitter's blog, they seem to be having some serious issues (just generally and also in the past few days). I would think it's a Twitter-wide issue and nothing with RTM.
Posted 16 years ago
richard.masters says:
I am finding that that the Twitter -> Nozbe link works fine, but Twitter -> RTM is a complete failure. Makes me think it may be RTM that's causing the problem...?
Posted 16 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
It looks like Twitter has been limiting their capacity during the Apple WWDC event to ensure that Twitter stays up.

This will likely be causing some issues, so hopefully they'll have everything restored soon (they're estimating 24 hours). If anyone continues experiencing problems beyond that, please let us know.
Posted 16 years ago
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