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Allocating tasks submitted by email

rj1 says:
1. i email a task to RTM.
2. i see it in my Inbox.
3. now how do i 'move' that task from my inbox to a folder eg. 'Work'?

Posted at 6:55pm on December 4, 2005
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
You can move a task to another list (quick instructions are here).

If you'd like the task to be put into a specific list (instead of the Inbox) when you email it into RTM, you can include that in the email with:

List: Work or L: Work

(More details on emailing tasks are here.)

Hope this helps!
Posted 12 years ago
matthewy says:
IS it possibel to specify something in the task name that would automagically allocate the task to a particular list?
Posted 12 years ago
matthewy says:
Ignor ethat... jsut followed the link!
Posted 12 years ago
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