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webcal: duplicate tasks?

indigoviolet says:
I have a task repeating at the same time everyday, and this task is showing up in my webcal (in KDE Kontact/Korganizer) anywhere between 1 and 5 times everyday for the next month. It should in theory only show up once, today, because the task has not been generated for tomorrow. This _could_ be a problem with Korganizer, but it was working perfectly until yesterday.
Posted at 10:09pm on November 17, 2005
indigoviolet says:
This isn't limited to the one task or to the webcal, I have a task that repeats once every day, and right now I can see two instances of it in my list (one for 18th Nov and one for 19th Nov). I was under the impression that the 19th nov instance would only be generated AFTER the 18th Nov instance was due (it's due at 7pm everyday, and it's only 1am).
Posted 11 years ago
omar (Remember The Milk) says:
Is it possible for you to email me the iCal output (visit the webcal address with 'http' instead of 'webcal' in your browser) for that particular task to [old address removed]?

Both Remember The Milk and the KDE PIM suite use the same library for reading/writing iCal, so things should work great.
Posted 11 years ago
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