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Posting via Twitter with due date and time

glynh says:
It's probably me being a bit dense, but I can't figure out how to express Remember to Put the bin out on 19th November at 8pm.
I've tried the following with little success!:
d rtm blue bin 19 nov
d rtm blue bin 19th nov
d rtm blue bin due 19th nov
d rtm blue bin. Due 19th november 2007
d rtm blue bin at 8pm 19th nov
d rtm blue bin 19 at 20:00

Is it at all possible? Would you perhaps consider allowing the following date convention that our software uses quite a bit:
CCYYMMDDHHmm or 200711192000
(Obviously for our American friends that would need to be CCYYDDMMHHmm i guess).

Thanks - your help and software is much appreciated!

Posted at 12:52pm on November 5, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hmm, that's weird -- we'll check this out.
Posted 16 years ago
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