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go to next task: What's the easiest way to quickly review 100 tasks in a row

nah.why says:
I have the need to review about 100 tasks in a row. Just have to check on some things. Each review probably lasts 2 seconds. so we're talking 3 minutes total.

Looking at the keyboard shortcuts ( the closest I can find is:

i - unselect current task
j - move down one task
i - select current task

It would be ideal to have, say, the arrow keys move to the next task. Fewer keystrokes. Email often works like this.

Also, the task list--not the task--has to be have keyboard focus. If I click on the task/notes, then i/j/k do nothing. So I have to click back to the task list, of course and not select any random task, so I have to click on the currently selected task to use these keystrokes. Of course, at that point, I might as well just click on the next task and not need or use any keystrokes.

Is there an easier way to do this?
Posted at 2:06am on April 6, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi nah.why,
Two things may help here. Using j to move down and then o to open the task will open that task and unselect other tasks. That may be a bit faster.

Speaking of focus, it's also possible to use the mouse to control the focus. You could either mouse over a task (i.e. trigger the "yellow highlight") to make the keyboard shortcut j work, or you can just mouse over a task and press o to open that task.

I hope this helps all around, and good luck with the review! 💙
Posted 10 weeks ago
nah.why says:
Thanks Andrew.

I missed 'o' shortcut. The documentation says "o Open Task When in single-pane view, open a task's details" I guess I wasn't sure what single-pane view was so I skipped over it.

The sequence j o j o works well. Better than j i i j i i ie selecting and deselecting each time.

I notice when I click on a note, or anywhere on the right side of the web app, or even if I mouse-over it without clicking, what happens is that 'j' and 'k' lose the current position pointer, and they start from the top and bottom, respectively, of the list on the left.

This is starting to sound like a bug.

However, if I move my mouse back over to the left--the task list, even if I have clicked on the right, and I don't have to click anything on the left, just mouse over it, then the current j-k pointer is set to wherever the mouse is. the current j-k pointer NOT set to the selected task, and there appears no way to get it back to the selected task. This is sounding like a bug to me, but I can see how it might be a feature to some.

Anyway, it helps me, because if 100 tasks are listed on the left, and I'm currently situated in the middle of that list, and 'j' and 'k' go to the top and bottom, it's 50 keystrokes to get back, but if at least it starts from the mouse pointer, it's close, a few keystrokes away. Much easier.

So thanks for that advice.
Posted 10 weeks ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi nah.why,
I'm glad to hear that helps a bit! Focus follows the mouse to help, but in your case you may want to avoid it or move it back to the current task you're working on to maintain your order.

Let me know how things go as you manage everything! 😅
Posted 9 weeks ago
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