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If select Tag A always also select Tag B automatically

ostermann says:
is it possible that RTM is selecting another Tag if a job is created with a specific other Tag?

For example
Tag A "Order"
Tag B "Check address"

If I add a task with Tag "Order", the Tag "Check address" should always be selected, too.

Why this would be helpful?
I'm using RTM for completing orders and I need to check the adress for a correct spelling. So the jobs has to be marked in some way if I checked the address.

Actually I use a smartlist to filter the text NOT "adr ok" inside of a note.
If I done checking the adress I type "adr ok" as a note and the job disapears in the list and I head over to the next in the smartlist.
That's a fast and easy way, but I want my jobs as simple and short as possible. The small note isn't a big thing, but if I can avoid it would be nice.
So my idea was to add a "check address"-Tag which I discard if I checked the address. In that way I see in the overview that the adress is still unchecked and if it is checked, the job is short without any additional notes, tags or fields

Yes, I can add a Tag like "Adress is ok" but the tag is lengthened the title so I don't like it and want the reverse way in removing Tags which are some kind of mini-job.
A Subtask would work, but is taking to much time to create.

Do you have a tip for me?
Posted at 6:47am on April 3, 2024
ostermann says:
I'm not using the address-field for the adresses because orders sometimes have 2 different addresses for delivery and invoice.

But I got the idea to use the address field with a fictitious address with the name "Adr ok".
So if I checked the address, i simply tab on the dropdown menue and select it - done.

- its shorter than a note
- its faster than typing a note
- its not visible in the title
- its usable in a smartlist like before.

- its extending the task vertically still a bit.

So also here would it be helpful if I could use it in the reverse way and remove it if I checked the the address.
Posted 11 weeks ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi ostermann,
Thanks for getting in touch. Using the location would be one solution, and I think any others I can think of would involve Smart Lists. Maybe both together even!

With Smart Lists I can think of two things you may be interested in incorporating:

⚫️ First, adding a task to a Smart Lists, for example tag:order AND tag:check_address, would add both tags to the tasks automatically. So that may be an easier way to add tasks with both tags.

⚫️ Second, you could create a corresponding Smart List that would "catch" tasks where you forgot to add that tag, for example tag:order AND NOT tag:check_address, where it would find tasks where both tags aren't listed. (The downside is I think it would catch tasks where you already checked the address and removed that tag.)

So I'm not sure if that totally helps your workflow, but I'd be happy to help further if not, or to list those Smart Lists for locations instead if that would be more helpful. Let me know how I can help! 💙
Posted 11 weeks ago
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