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countdiso says:
Does anyone have any ideas for linking GitHub to RTM?

When new issues are created in GitHub I would like them to then be created as tasks in RTM, just wondering if anyone has already done something similar.
Posted at 8:18pm on March 13, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi countdiso,
Thanks for getting in touch.

With Pro you could look at our IFTTT or Zapier integrations, which would allow you to connect the apps based on specific actions. I hope this helps! 💙
Posted 4 months ago
countdiso says:
ah, I'll look at IFTTT, thanks

I did fall out with IFTTT once it went paid, I don't mind paying, but their paid tier only allows 20 actions 😢 but even the free tier two actions should work for this case
Posted 4 months ago
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