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Is there a way to drag a task to a (smart) list and automatically remove the due date?

helill says:
When I keep postponing a task that is repeating every day for ages and I cannot tackle it, I would like to put it on a "repository" list. It would be great to drag it to a said sort of list that strips due date, repeats...
Posted at 2:39pm on February 27, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi helill,
When you drag and drop a task to a list or Smart List, it does what you expect—to a point. Of course, for a list it moves the task to that list.

Using your example, you can drag a task to a Smart List to apply properties. Imagine a Smart List that searches for list:Repository AND tag:work. Dragging a task to that Smart List would change the list and add the tag.

However, that operation won't remove any properties. So if you drag a task to a Smart List that has no due date, it won't remove the due date. (Extending the example, if it were those same two properties AND due:never it would just skip removing the due date.)

What I'd suggest is a bit different, basically: figuring out a way to pay attention to this kind of task, and then make sure you process it correctly (i.e. removing the due date, etc.).

What I would do is create a Smart List, named maybe "Empty this" or "Postponed tasks that need attention" etc., whatever will be clear. 😅 You can search for postponed:>10 AND NOT due:never for example, to find tasks that have a due date but have been postponed a lot.

Then, if you remove the due date—voila!—the task disappears from this Smart List and you've processed this one. Your goal would be to keep this Smart List empty.

This also inspired me to change our Tips & Tricks schedule and post this tip so I could link to it here. It's basically the same, but may give another perspective!

I hope this helps all around! Keep me posted on what you find or let me know if you are looking for something a bit different. 💙
Posted 4 months ago
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