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When postponing a task that is e.g. Due on the 1st, repeating every month, alters the due date

edward.hague says:
I believe this to be a MAJOR oversight:

For example:
Schedule a payment "every" month, on 20th.
If you postpone it, say by 3 days, then it becomes
"every" month, on 23rd.

Not much help, that is the same sort of behavior as repeating "after"
Posted at 3:47pm on October 13, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi edward.hague,
This can happen if you postpone the first task before completing it or before the due date.

If either the due date arrives or you complete the task, the next task will generate correctly.

You could also put the date into the repeat, i.e. "every month on the 20th" to "hardcode" it into the repeat as well.

I hope this helps but keep me posted on what you find or let me know if you're experiencing anything different. And if you want to send any details or prefer an email reply, you can contact us too. 💙
Posted 4 months ago
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