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How does "repeats after" work with respect to time ?

gowerc says:
Say I set a task to "repeats after 1 day" and I complete that task on Tuesday 19.00. Will the task re-appear at Wednesday 00.00am or Wednesday 19.00 (or something else) ?

If it is the latter is there anyway of achieving the former ?
Posted at 9:58am on September 16, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi gowerc,
The due date sets the time of the next task; completing the task will generate the task based on the day, but the time will be fixed with the due date's setting.

In other words, completing a task "after 1 day" due Tuesday at 19.00 (and you complete it on Tuesday), the next task will be due Wednesday at 19.00.

It's not possible to change the due time within this behavior, though we appreciate your feedback here. The only thing you could do is to change the due date of the next task after you complete the current one.

Let me know if I can help with anything else! 💙
Posted 8 months ago
gowerc says:
Apologies for not replying sooner. Thank you for the clarification!

The bit I was missing was that the new tasks get created as soon as the old ones are finished (I naively assuming, without even testing, that they wouldn't be created until exactly 1 day later).

This all makes intuitive sense and is how I would want it to behave so no further feedback from me :)

Thank you !
Posted 7 months ago
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