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Bug-ish behaviour when adding multiple items.

dsb3 says:
I found an an annoying quirk when adding multiple items.

I add one item, hit "ok" and it gets a check box. I then add another, hit "ok" and they are both checked. That means if I add one and leave it vanilla, then if I add a second and mark it high priority then they both get the priority flag.

(Using Firefox/1.0.7 under Linux)
Posted at 5:00pm on November 11, 2005
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This isn't a bug -- it's designed to allow you to enter multiple items and then perform actions (e.g. change the priority) on a bunch of them at once. You can ensure you have nothing selected by using the 'n' shortcut key.

We're currently looking into having this as an additional option, so that you could choose whether your tasks remained selected or if you just preferred working with one task at a time.
Posted 12 years ago
dsb3 says:
That preference option would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the reminder for the 'n' shortcut - I'll just use that in the interim.

Posted 12 years ago
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