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How do I create a Smart List in this specific order (see post)

joeremi says:

I am trying to create a Smart List with tasks in the following order:
1. Untagged tasks
2. Tasks tagged:Off-line and due today or without a due date
3. Tasks tagged:On-line and due today or without a due date
4. Tasks tagged:Off-line and due after today
5. Tasks tagged:On-line and due after today

Is there an Advanced Sort order for this? If I sort first with tags ascending and then by due date, the order becomes
-No tag
-Offline, due today
-Offline, due after today
-Offline, no due date
-Online, due today
-Online, due after today
-Online, no due date

Not what I'm looking for. However sorting first with tags ascending is the only way to get tagless tasks on top. It is also not possible to sort a list by Smart List. This is a feature I would love to see as it would solve my issue.

If anyone could puzzle out a solution for me I would be very grateful! If you need more info please let me know :)
Posted at 5:01pm on May 20, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi joeremi,
It's not possible to sort in this specific way, but we appreciate your feedback!

Depending on your needs, it may help to do any of the following:

* Group by tag, which would keep offline/online collected (and let you sort each group by due date or something else)
* Create a separate Smart List to "capture" untagged tasks, so you can process them (I'm kind of assuming your intention there—sorry if that's not accurate!)
* Group by due date and sort by tag to get the due date grouping you want

I hope one of these ideas helps! Keep us posted on what you find.
Posted 1 year ago
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