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Google Assistant & IFTTT

max.illis says:
I had an IFTTT routine that captured speech from Google Assistant and added a task in RTM.. I could say "OK Google, remind me to $" and it would be seamlessly added to RTM.
But Google are breaking IFTTT's integration.
See here -
and here -

I find the 'default' RTM Google integration cumbersome to say the least.. Who wants to say "OK Google, Talk to Remember The Milk" every time you want to add a quick task/ reminder?
Does anyone know of a simpler way to be able to add tasks to RTM through Google Assistant? Is it possible to set RTM as the default to-do list in Google?
Posted at 2:22pm on August 24, 2022
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi max.illis,
We appreciate your feedback all around! I'm not familiar enough with how Google Assistant and IFTTT connect, so that may be something worth trying to set up again to see if anything similar works. (Our triggers and actions should be the same, in other words, so maybe it would work?)

You should be able to say OK Google ask Remember The Milk to [task name] and that should add more directly, if that helps! 😅

Keep me posted on what you find all around. 💙
Posted 1 year ago
(closed account) says:
Hey max.illis, this thread might be helpful:
Posted 1 year ago
do_all_the_things says:
@andrewski A bit of feedback. On a long road trip this week, I tried using your instructions to add to RTM more directly and every time, the full RTM conversation was started. Moreover, 90% of the time the conversation could not determine what I was saying. So, I'm back to my script workaround.
Example conversation for a very simple task:
Me: Ok google ask Remember The Milk to buy shoes
Assistant: Hi Spark welcome to remember the milk what would you like to do?
Me: Buy Shoes
RTM: I don't understand. What would you like to do?
Me: Buuuy Shooes
RTM: I don't understand. What would you like to do?
Continues until I abandon the cause.

Posted 1 year ago
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