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Sub-subtasks in wrong list

agix says:
I have a task with some subtasks, one of this has its own subtasks.

Then I changed the list of the task. The first level subs are in the new list as expected, but the second level subs are still in the old list
Posted at 8:49am on May 1, 2022
milene.cha says:
subtasks should be reconfigured altogether
Posted 2 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi agix,
Subtasks are always in the list of the parent task, and they can't be set independently.

It's possible to see subtasks in some of the built-in views or Smart Lists, because these show tasks that "match" and not specific to lists.

If that's not what you're experiencing or if you have any specifics you'd like to discuss with the team, or (you too, milene.cha) if you have any feedback for the team, please contact us, thanks! We can discuss more specifically over email. 💙
Posted 2 years ago
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