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lazy time entry.. hh:mm[a or p] apparently doesn't work?

bob.proctor says:
being a lazy sort, I tend to enter due dates:

today 2P

which promptly gets set to "today's date 2:00AM"

if I specify today 2PM

it works fine.

can you help a lazy old dude out by shortening the required A/P flag to "A a" or "P p"

Posted at 5:40pm on November 4, 2005
ranbarton Power Poster says:
I ran into the same issue. a or p would be simpler
Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
How do others feel about this?

Would it be useful if we allowed you to type '2p' instead of '2pm'?
Posted 12 years ago
indigoviolet says:
should be fine.
Posted 12 years ago
bbendick says:
I've gotten tripped up by the same thing. It would be nice to have the shortcut.
Posted 12 years ago
dbingham says:
I'm all for it. The "smarter" the time entry is, the better! I often think I'm typing "pm" but somehow miss the "m". It would be cool if it knew what I meant anyway.
Posted 12 years ago
teddyber says:
could be great to have 24h display and editing.
because i'm not comfortable with 5pm but i am with 17:00
Posted 12 years ago
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