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save path to folder (instead of file) on task, similar to URL

mwenger says:
Sometimes I would like to link a task to several files placed in the same folder on my pc or share. Since for me only the connection is important and not the fact that the files will be actually stored to the share linked with RTM, it would suffice that the path to this folder could be saved on the task. Furthermore it would then make sense that when I click on it the correspondening folder opens (analogiously to when a webpage opens for an URL).
Does someone else also see the need for this?
Posted at 9:28am on October 27, 2021
geojono says:
This would be very helpful. I tried using the file:/// protocol in the past, but it didn't work.

You can suggest this in the Ideas Forum for people to vote on:
Under the menu on the left on that page you'll see a link to "Submit a suggestion".
Posted 6 months ago
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