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RTM and GTD and searching partial tags

(closed account) says:
So I am attempting to implement the Getting Things Done time management system with RTM. I'm still fiddling around with my set-up, but right now I've got about 6 lists for areas for responsibility and am using tags and smartlists to manage projects and contexts.

I use a "-" to denote project tags, e.g. -writememo. I have (or will have) quite a large number of tags that start with "-".

I am trying to create a smartlist that will show me items that have not been tagged to a project, so I can have a sort of catchall list in case I forget to tag something.

Is there a way to search for list items that do not have a tag starting with "-" without having to search "NOT (tag:-writememo OR tag:-finishreport OR tag:-etcetera)" ? Something like searching "NOT tag:-*"

if not, can anyone suggest a workaround?

Thanks much...
Posted at 1:03am on September 7, 2007
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
I have also implemented a GTD approach. I use a smart list filter: (list:Inbox) OR (isLocated:false) OR (NOT timeEstimate:">0 min") OR (isTagged:false) in order to trap incomplete tasks. Unfortunately you can't look for tagContains:-
Posted 11 years ago
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