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Custom printing?

korey99 says:
I've been with RTM, moved away, come back, explored other options, and stayed with RTM. It does everything I need, but the one weak spot is printing. I liked the flexibility of some other tools, like ToodleDo's booklet print. The way I work best is by printing off a list of my current hot tasks.

Are there any plugins, online apps, etc. that might be able to help with custom printing (based on the atom feed, etc.)? I'm aware of printing a single list, and it's decent, but I'd like some more control (half page, fitting more, etc.)

Any thoughts?
Posted at 2:38pm on September 3, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi korey99,
Thanks for your feedback about printing.

We don't have anything specific to mention, but it sounds like the main things you want is printing the tasks you want and getting those into the format that works for you.

Using a Smart List may help with "collecting" the tasks if you aren't doing that already.

For formatting the tasks, you could print them to PDF and copy those, if using the Atom feed isn't easier.

Hope this helps a bit right now but I'll pass your feedback on to the development team in the meantime too!
Posted 1 year ago
korey99 says:
Yep, I've got a good smart list and it's nicely sorted. That's my favorite RTM feature. I'd just be happier if I could maybe print a little more compactly.
Posted 1 year ago
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