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(closed account) says:
It looks like the blog hasn't had a new post since the end of last year. Is the blog no more? I especially liked seeing the Tips and Tricks Tuesdays as well as announcements from the staff.
Posted at 4:51pm on July 9, 2021
milene.cha says:
I miss the blog posts, too.
Posted 3 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for your support! We will post again! It's great to know the posts are missed. And if you ever notice a tip that you'd like to see featured, feel free to pass it on or comment on its topic! 💙
Posted 3 years ago
steve23606 says:
Unfortunately, the blog had become somewhat dominated by tips & tricks. I think it would be great to hear more from Bob & the team about what they're doing. The lack of communication could be interpreted as indifference to the community.
Posted 2 years ago
judykator says:
when new functionalities and what should they write
Posted 2 years ago
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