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English search terms aren't recognised on Swedish phone

johan.nilsson says:
One of my base smartlists from which I build other smartlists look like this:

(startBefore:now OR start:never) AND NOT (tag:block OR hasSubtasks:true OR list:Inbox OR tagContains:temp-)

The problem is that the app on my Swedish phone don't seem to recognise the "now" in startBefore or "Inbox" in list. On my phone "now" has to be "nu" and "Inbox" has to be "Inkorg".
Posted at 1:30pm on May 26, 2021
johan.nilsson says:
I forgot to explain that the result is that tasks that "starts before now", for example 3 PM when it's 4 PM don't show up in the phone app, but they do on the web.

Same with tasks in the list Inbox -- shows up on the web, but not in the phone app because there, Inbox is called "Inkorg".
Posted 2 years ago
johan.nilsson says:
Hmm... now "startBefore:now" seems to be working. Strange. Might be some sort of timezone issue.
Posted 2 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi johan.nilsson,
Keep us posted on what you find and we'll see what we need to look at more closely! Hopefully everything is working now.
Posted 2 years ago
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