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Number on app icon stuck at 1

flamingomojo says:
The number in the corner of my app icon constantly shows as a 1. I have gone through all my tasks, etc. and I don't see anything that would qualify as something that needs a notification number (i.e. something I haven't seen yet). How do I make it go away? (Or is there someplace I forgot to look?) Thanks!
Posted at 12:12am on April 29, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi flamingomojo,
Sorry to hear about this!

Sometimes there can be an extra given task that shows in "Given to others" that could be counting, so it may be good to double-check.

Also, just confirming what you see in the Today or All Tasks view (depending on the setting) would be good to make sure there's not something unexpected that is being counted.

However, if this continues, it may be some gremlins in the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), and may require clearing your device IDs to reset that.

Long story short, if you go to your Contact Preferences and delete each iPhone or iPad ID there, that will remove them from your account and disconnect with APNS.

Then you can quit and reopen the app (or restart the device and open the app) on each device you currently use and it will regenerate an ID and connect it with your account.

But if you want more help or if that doesn't help, please contact us so we can discuss some more specifics!
Posted 3 years ago
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