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Only half of messages with Twitter/RTM

olinbg says:
I am using R.T.M. w/Twitter and Google Talk, and first of all, it's amazing. This is such a great service, thank you.

I do have a question/problem though. When I send a direct message through Twitter to "rtm", it says 'direct message received'. But almost exactly half the time, I don't get a response. For example, I'll send:

d rtm !tod

And half the time I'll get my current tasks, and half the time nothing.

Is there some kind of time limit imposed between messages? This seems reasonable to prevent spamming, but makes the service unresponsive sometimes. (At least a message saying "you are messaging too fast, please wait" would be better...)

Any help? I want to continue to use this feature.
Posted at 8:55pm on August 7, 2007
zagarin says:
Yes, I can confirm that bug with twitter. I think this is not spam prevention, because sometimes my first task is lost. I checked my twitter account logs and I see that all my messages are delivered. Also, I tried to send multiple messages to my twitter friend and no messages was lost. So, I suppose, it's RTM problem, not twitter.
Posted 16 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for letting us know.

There shouldn't be a significant delay on receiving messages back from Twitter, or adding tasks via Twitter. It sounds like either there may be a problem on our end where we're not handling some messages correctly, or Twitter might not be passing all the messages onto us (even though they've reached Twitter).

Would it be possible to let us know a direct message that appears in your Twitter account but didn't seem to reach RTM (for example, the addition of a task). If you can let us know the time of the message as well as your Twitter username, we can check this out on our end to track down where the problem is.

Posted 16 years ago
zagarin says:
Thank you for reply, emily.
I sent you my direct messages via
Posted 16 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks zagarin, we're checking into this.
Posted 16 years ago
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