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Milk is not syncing with Google Calendar

shetlander says:
My Milk list is appearing on my Google calendar but it is not updating.I've got some really old stuff showing there. Any suggestions? I think this has been posted before but I can't see an answer. I see that Google has stopped supporting the Milk as of 31 Jan 2021. Is this the cause?
Posted at 10:38am on February 15, 2021
shetlander says:
My Milk list updates on Google calendar but it takes a day to update, This is a pest because I use my Google calendar a lot. In the Help notes RTM says Google stopped supporting their gadget from 31 Jan 2018 but RTM were working on a solution ("We're looking into different ways that we can integrate Remember The Milk with Google Calendar."). Is there a better solution now?
Posted 7 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi shetlander,
iCalendar is the best way to view your tasks on Google Calendar currently, but this may be delayed since there's no manual refresh in Google Calendar.

There's not really a workaround there within Google Calendar, since the iCalendars are updated immediately on our end. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We'd love to know anything else we can help with too!
Posted 7 months ago
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