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Drag and drop ordering confusion

cjug says:
I'm confused about how the drag-and-drop ordering works - sometimes it doesn't seem to. Specifically:
* Is the ordering exposed in the API at all? I can't see anything.
* Sometimes dragging items around (in the Android app or web app) doesn't "stick"
* I tend to start the day by shuffling my tasks into the order that makes sense. But a lot of that is the same each day - my recurring tasks are always wrong in the same way. Can I do something so that daily/weekly tasks are in roughly the right order to start with?
* A couple of times I've tried moving tasks around the night before (from the "Tomorrow" view) - come the next day they're back in the default "wrong" order.

I guess a lot of my confusion could be cleared up if I understood where the drag-and-drop ordering information is kept. With tasks? Attached to the "Today" (or other) view? Something else?


Posted at 3:07pm on February 6, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi cjug,
Thanks for getting in touch.

Drag and drop is saved per list/view, so it wouldn't carry over from Tomorrow to Today, and new repeating tasks would show up at the end of the list, etc. I hope this helps for general behavior on that.

API questions can be fielded to the development team on our mailing list but if you have any other problems with drag and drop (like with the Android app) we'd love to help with some more specifics. You can contact us and we would love to help more by email!
Posted 3 years ago
coasterguy53433 says:
It would be cool if there was a "default" drag-and-drop sorting algorithm for more predictability.

For example, each day the tasks could sort by priority first, but let me drag-and-drop how I please.
Posted 3 years ago
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