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Adding tasks to a different category via Twitter

paqman says:
Hey, I love the twitter bot, and am going to use it extensively. But I was wondering if it's possible to add a task to one of my lists besides the Inbox?

For example, to send a task to my inbox, I text "d rmt mytask" where "mytask" is the task I want to add.

But I wanted to say add a task to a specific list, say I have a list called "Shopping", and I want to add something to it. It would be great if I could text something like "d rmt !shopping bread and milk"

See what I mean? Is this possible, and I'm just not getting it?
Posted at 9:37pm on July 31, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
paqman, sorry it's not possible currently -- it will only handle the task name and due date. We'll be looking into the possibility of handling other task properties (list, repeating, tags, etc) in the future though.
Posted 16 years ago
paqman says:
Thanks Emily, had to ask!
Posted 16 years ago
akp says:
Enjoying the twitter interface too, but I would also like more :)

Specifically, tags!
Posted 16 years ago
cleanfate says:
I also love this feature. I think the ability to add tags would be the greatest feature, this would allow you to specify which smart folder a task should go to.

This is really convient from a SideKick phone. SideKicks keep persistent connections to AIM buddies. Because it is text rather than web pages, the twitter messages to rtm happen really fast.

Sidekicks also have an auto expand feature that allows you to create abbreviations. With a few auto expand words and the ability to tag via twitter, I could fire messages to the right folders almost as fast as I can think.

Posted 16 years ago
(closed account) says:
Another vote for tags. I use the twitter connection through launchy and it's damn fast. If I could only get tags appended that'd make it perfect.
Posted 16 years ago
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