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Planning next week

thomasb84 says:
Good morning milkers,

I've been searching for a smarter way to plan my upcoming tasks for next week, but I can't figure it out yet, although I've been using RTM extensively for almost 2 years now.

What I want to achieve, probably using smart lists:
- on Sunday I sit down and try distribute my upcoming tasks for next week evenly on each weekday
- lets say I have 27 tasks with different estimated times, summed up to 14 hours, meaning ~2 hours per day
- now I need an overview for each day's summed task time of the upcoming week

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Posted at 7:36am on January 25, 2021
bartvanparys says:
I don't think that you can have the time summed per day in one smartlist but what I do is the following:

I have 5 smart lists for the next 5 days :

List called "Day1" with start:1day
List called "Day2" with start:2day

When I open the smartlist, it shows the time for the tasks that I have put with start date on that day. I can then balance by changing the start date
Posted 7 months ago
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