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Is there a way to show the list as a label on a task (like tags are)

gstoel says:

The way I organize my RTM is my projects are lists and tags are used as indicators of what to do (mail, phone, waiting for, etc.). That works great for organizing and filtering.

In the morning I check my open actions from yesterday, run through my projects what should be done today and then manually order my daily todo list.

I love the tags which are visible on each of my tasks, they give me some indication of what I have to do and allow me for example to quickly move my waiting for tasks to the bottom of the list.

However I do miss a visual indicator of the project on the tasks in this overview. Is there a way to get the list visible? grouping doesn't make sense, since it messes up my manual ordering of tasks.

It would be great if the list would also show up like tags do show up...

Posted at 8:45am on January 21, 2021
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