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XML Import Nothing Happens

j1234aaaa says:
I'm trying to migrate from Toodledo.
Following the instructions I've had Toodledo create an xml file.
When I import it into RTM it looks like its processing the file but then it shows zero records created.
I have 1200 tasks that I am trying to migrate.

Any suggestions will be appreciated
Posted at 12:04am on January 14, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi j1234aaaa,
You can use the "Backup / Restore" option in Toodledo and not the "Export" option to import into Remember The Milk. I expect this is why it's not working.

If that doesn't work, would it be possible to contact us so we could investigate more specifically? Thanks!
Posted 5 months ago
robbewood says:
I had the same issue. This solution worked! If you could add that to the procedures, that would be helpful.
Posted 15 weeks ago
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