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Need ability to change sort in iOS app

agentcunningham says:
Currently there is no way to change the sort of each list in the iOS app. I must change it in the web app and then the change gets synced to the phone. This is not practical, as I often need to change sort when I'm away from my computer. Please advise if this is in your roadmap or if I'm missing something. Thank you.
Posted at 1:48am on January 11, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi agentcunningham,
It's not possible to create an advanced sort but other than that you can sort through the iOS app by tapping the name of the list at the top and selecting "Edit List".

Hope this helps for you!
Posted 8 months ago
agentcunningham says:
Thank you, I missed that!
Posted 8 months ago
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