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macOS App Not Working Anymore???

horiznrobin says:
Hi There, I suddenly can't login to the macOS app anymore.

I am able to connect through my browser, but the app just goes into an endless loop of crashing when I try to login.

If it is relevant, I do use "Log in with Google".

Can you help? I use your app all day, every day. Thank you!
Posted at 3:51pm on January 8, 2021
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi horiznrobin,
Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the Mac app!

You may want to try clearing the app's data in the following locations:

~/Library/Saved Application State/com.rememberthemilk.Deskmilk.savedState/
~/Library/Application Support/WebKit/com.rememberthemilk.Deskmilk
~/Library/Application Support/Remember The Milk/

(All folders may not exist.)

After that, you can restart the app or reinstall it from the website. Hopefully that helps!

If not though, can you contact us to check on some more specifics? Thanks!
Posted 5 months ago
horiznrobin says:
Tried that, also tried uninstalling and luck!

Will contact your support.
Posted 5 months ago
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