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RTM dying?

aaron.boydston says:
Is RTM slowly dying? The website, forums, and especially the ideas forum—with SOOO MUCH outdated information—suggests RTM is being relatively abandoned. Everything on the website is kind of useless because so much of it is completely outdated.
Posted at 5:52pm on December 11, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi aaron.boydston,
You can review our updates on our blog or our New page.

We read the Ideas forum regularly as we work to improve Remember The Milk and the apps' features, and ask that you let us know any outdated information you see there. (Email is best but any way of contacting us works!)

And as always, we've had our heads down this year too, working on new features and keeping the apps updated, but if you have any problems with any Pro features or any apps, we are always happy to help! 💙
Posted 3 years ago
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