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Enhancement Request: Change only next occurrence

druggiero11 says:
Hi all,

I love using filters to only see the tasks that are relevant to me right now. I filter by things where the start date or due date has past. The problem arises when I have a recurring task that the start date has passed, but I want to push back the start date for just the current recurrence (meaning all future recurrences will be unchanged). Changing the due date is fine as long as you use the "Advanced" option for setting the recurrence, because it will always reset the due date back to whatever what shown for the recurrence *(e.g. every week on Friday). However, the start date is just a simple count of days between the start date and due date. Therefore, if you have a weekly task that is due every Friday and starts on Monday. If you change the start date to Wednesday, the next recurrence will also have a Wednesday start date. Since I want all future events to start on Mondays still, I just don't change the start date and have to see the task I can't start yet every time I look at my to do list. It's not a huge deal, but it would be great to be able to avoid this.

To do this, all that would be necessary would be a change next recurrence option. Whether you click a button, or have it prompt you when you make a change (just like Outlook does when you change a recurring meeting).

If anyone has a better way for doing this would like to hear it as well.

Posted at 3:01pm on December 10, 2020
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