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Emojis on Windows

mapapo says:
I am using a lot off Emojis in my lists. In Windows th Emoji-Font is terrible and especially I am missing Country-Flags (compared to my mac).
I see that there are apps on the market (Notion / Todoist) which use their own Emoji-Font so the app also looks great on Windows. Any chance something like this can be realized
Posted at 9:54am on December 1, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mapapo,
Sorry that the emojis aren't working well for you in Windows.

Which version of Windows are you using? I would like to track this down to a specific version as I pass on the feedback for a custom font to the development team.

Posted 10 months ago
dave.liao says:
I can confirm that on my laptop running Windows 10, version 2004 (, no country flags are supported in Microsoft's emoji set.

🇺🇸 <- appears as the United States flag on my Android phone, but not on my PC
Posted 10 months ago
mapapo says:
Same here - always on the latest windows - its not just countries - Windows Emojos are just not beautiful compared to Mac / Todoist or even the RTM Notifications in my Google-Mail - so even Google uses its own set in his wen-apps
Posted 10 months ago
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