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Zapier - lists and tags being pulled incorrectly

(closed account) says:
Is anyone else seeing this - when setting a trigger and using lists or tags, the tasks being pulled are from different lists and tags? Makes it unusable....Any ideas?
Posted at 9:09am on November 4, 2020
dave.liao says:
What lists or tags are you trying to pull, and what are being pulled? I wonder if there are either (1) special characters in your lists/tags, or (2) a bug in the Zapier zap, OR both...

Or even something else!
Posted 9 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi danagnew,
Sorry for the delay in responding here!

I have some questions along the same lines as dave.liao, but I'm also curious about the zap itself and what it's doing.

If this is still happening, maybe you can let us know the actions?

If it's easier, you can send some screenshots or details by email so we can look into this more specifically too. Thanks!
Posted 9 months ago
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