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DueWithin:”1 month of 1st”

rc74accts says:
I created a smart list using this query which supposedly shows tasks due this calendar month - but it shows tasks due next calendar month (Nov).

Posted at 12:52pm on October 23, 2020
azclaire says:
SmartLists can’t query time backwards so it interprets the 1st as the next one upcoming. I use (dueBefore:today OR dueWithin:”2 week of today”). Unfortunately, this will give you ALL over due tasks and tasks due in the next X weeks. Best I could come up with.
Posted 11 months ago
rc74accts says:
Thanks azclaire. That’s disappointing, I really needed it to work! By the way I got this tip from the official RTM blog ( so maybe they should update it!!
Posted 11 months ago
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