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Are we still lacking search logic for "last week" or "last X days"?

jromt says:
Have I missed a solution to this issue?

I want to know which incomplete tasks were due recently so I can try to reschedule them. This has been asked about repeatedly over the years. My searching hasn't revealed any solutions beyond hand-crafting, each day, a new Smart List containing embedded actual dates (dueBefore and dueAfter).

dueWithin has support for "1 week from today".
due:yesterday is valid.
due"last week" appears to show me all tasks lacking due dates! :-)

ideally dueWithin would support 'before' in place of 'from'
'before' would mean multiply by negative one.

If RTM can add units of time to look forwards in time, I cannot think of any reasons why it cannot search backwards in time.

If it is too difficult to add logic for terms for dates like 'week' or 'month', COULD YOU PLEASE ADD SUPPORT FOR NEGATIVE DAYS?

Hopefully there is only one input-validation routine in each platform's app which would need to be changed.

If this hasn't already been solved and I've missed the answer, can RTM staff say that this capability IS or IS NOT likely to be implemented?

Others have suggested the ability to change a preference such that incomplete tasks are rolled forward. That would involve a lot more coding logic changes than my NEGATIVE DAYS request. (Because RTM would need to change all date-related fields which are not calculated off of a start or due date value.)

If the code makes it simpler to add some "overdue by X units of time" that would be a different approach.
Posted at 6:03pm on October 1, 2020
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Agreed, negative days would be a great addition!
Posted 1 year ago
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