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Smartlist doesn't recognize tasks at 1pm

litenarata says:
I've set up several smart lists to group tasks by the time they are due. I have one for tasks due today at 4pm, 7pm, 10pm etc. But I can't set one for tasks due at 1pm. Even though I'm using the exact same criteria for each one, the 1pm task list says it's empty. I tried using 1300 but that didn't work, and also tried searching for tasks due tomorrow at 1pm, but that also failed. This is the query I'm using:

due:today AND due:1pm

And like I said, I swap out the 1 for literally any other time and it works fine. Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?
Posted at 6:07pm on August 14, 2020
litenarata says:
It turns out the problem isn't the time, it's that the tasks were overdue. So the smart lists only work if the task time is still in the future? How do I fix that?
Posted 1 year ago
philippe99 says:
dueBefore:today AND due:1pm?
Posted 1 year ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi litenarata,
It's not possible to include overdue tasks that are due at 1pm specifically, but you could search for tasks due at 1pm and overdue tasks with the following:

due:1pm OR dueBefore:today

(And you could swap today for now if you wanted tasks that were due today but earlier than the current time.)

Hope this helps!
Posted 1 year ago
litenarata says:
That doesn't work but thanks for responding. It's really disappointing that such a simple query to show all the tasks due at a certain time is impossible.
Posted 1 year ago
dave.liao says:
@litenarata - try tagging? Aside from a 1pm due date, maybe tag all those tasks as "due-1pm" (or "due-lunch")? 🍕
Posted 1 year ago
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