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petervh says:
Hi there,

Brand new RTM user from Nova Scotia in Canada. I'm a long time GTDer and have tried many many platforms. :-( I've been looking for something different for a while now but something where I can still faithfully setup a GTD system. Listening to Ray Sidney Smith a while ago and he talked about using RTM so I thought if it works for Ray it can work for me.

One question I have is that when I add a list to the Favorites section, it disappears from its original location. For example, I have created smart lists and added them to my Favorites. I would have thought that the list also remains under "Smart Lists' but it does not. It just shows under Favorites. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?


Posted at 7:42pm on August 7, 2020
martingchapman says:
Welcome to RTM, hope it does what you need.
When you add a list to your favourites it is not copied, but moved so this is correct. you are not doing something wrong.
Posted 1 year ago
petervh says:
Thank you, Martin

So far, so good with RTM. I really like it. Trying RTM, after all these years of ignoring it, and making a couple of changes in how I practice GTD, I think I may have found my happy place.
Posted 1 year ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi petervh,
I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Remember The Milk so far! Martin answered your question about Favorites already, but we are here to help with anything else too, just let us know!

And you can also contact us by email as well if you want a personal reply from the Remember The Milk team at any time.
Posted 1 year ago
petervh says:
That's great. Thank you Andrew
Posted 1 year ago
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