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What shows up when you delegate a subtask to someone else?

drfrankbuck says:
Let's say I have a task that has 5 subtasks. I want to give each of those 5 subtasks to 5 different people. What do they see on their end? Do they see only the subtask they have been assigned, the subtask plus the parent task, their subtask plus all other subtasks and the parent, or something else?
(I have this with my PRO account and assigning a subtask to a demo account I created that is a free one. It appeared I had delegated the subtask, but what showed up on the desginee's end was the parent task, and since if was a free account, no subtasks. Wondering how things show up when everyone has a PRO account).
Posted at 1:29pm on August 4, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi drfrankbuck,
Thanks for getting in touch.

Contacts will see the parent task in the list and in All Tasks, and selecting that task will show the other subtasks.

Then, in Today or This Week, etc. (where the subtasks will appear) the subtask will appear on its own (unless the parent task would show too).

We are aware that a non-Pro account receiving a subtask is not an ideal scenario, and we apologize for that. To give to a non-Pro contact, we suggest giving a task instead of a subtask.

Hope this helps a bit!
Posted 1 year ago
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