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How to build a Smart List?

pctask15 says:
I am currently using the "This Week" sort for my task list. I would like to build a Smart List that gives a "Next 2 Weeks" sort. I have tried to come up with it on my own but I'm not having any luck. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it!
Posted at 9:31pm on July 16, 2020
pctask15 says:
I think I have figured it out to some extent by adding search parameters to the Smart List using the phrase
dueWithin: “2 weeks from today"
But, I have no overdue tasks at the moment. Will this search also pull up overdue tasks?
Posted 1 year ago
azclaire says:
This gives me all overdue plus items due in the next 2 weeks:

dueBefore:today OR dueWithin:"2 week of today"
Posted 1 year ago
pctask15 says:
Your solution does indeed produce the desired result. Thank you very much!!
Posted 1 year ago
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