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Unable to move correctly some tasks

ashkey says:
I have a small group of tasks in the Personal list and want to move them on a second list.

I have tryed moving them all at once through the dropdown menu, but with some strange results.

The first time I get the following mesage: 3 tasks moved from "Personal" to "Work".

And the Personal tasks list changes to: You have no incomplete tasks in this list. Woohoo!

But if I refresh the tasks are back again in this list!

The strange thing is that if I try to move them again to work I get this message (I'm still in the personal view): 3 tasks moved from "Work" to "Work".

Ok, quite strange isn't it?

In the mean while if I go to the Work tab no tasks are added at any time.

Now, I thought I could be a bit more tricky and, being still in the personal tab, I tryed to move them to personal to restore the initial status and try back again... Well, the result now is that my tasks have been moved to Sent.

Any guess?

P.S: To put the tasks in the Work list as I wanted, I had to move them to "Inbox".

One more thing: I don't know why, but I have no Inbox tab viewable...
Posted at 9:48am on November 1, 2005
ashkey says:
Hmm... things are getting even more strange.
I thought I could have archived my inbox list so I tryed to unarchive the inbox list... Not one time but 2 or 3, and oing an unarchive command with all the lists selected.

Well, the result is that now, in my task view I have 4 work tab, 5 personal tabs and a singles sent tab.

One of the work tabs, if selected, in the right panel shows it is the inbox.

I'm even more frustrated than before.
Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for letting us know, we're looking into this one. Sounds like a weird bug.
Posted 12 years ago
ashkey says:
An update: logging off and getting back solved the whole problems.

I had some more problems like this one and relogging always solved the problem.
Posted 12 years ago
winterjade says:
I have a similar problem that doesn't seem to go away with logging off and logging back in.

For the record, I'm using Firefox 1.7.12

I have a couple of shared/ emailed tasks in my Inbox which I've tried to move to a shared task folder one of my contacts has created.

I'll move the Inbox tasks, the yellow bar above will say "0 tasks moved from 'Inbox' to 'CCDD'"

I'll go to the shared folder (CCDD) and won't see the recently-moved tasks. However, they do show up when I do a refresh, but disappear again when I leave the shared folder view and return.

Logging on/off does not seem to fix the problem. I also always have those 2 shared tasks in my Inbox.

Posted 12 years ago
jennien says:
My friend sent me a shared folder (called 'Relocation') and all the tasks in that folder were displayed in the shared folder ('Relocation') in my account when he first shared it with me.

If he now creates a new task in the shared 'Relocation' folder, the task is displayed in the 'Relocation' folder in his account, but the same task is displayed in my 'Inbox' folder. It would be better if the task was sent directly to the shared 'Relocation' folder in my account too.

I am now trying to move this new task from my 'Inbox' to the shared 'Relocation' folder but it is not working - I select the task in the 'Inbox' then select the 'Move to "Relocation" folder' and I am prompted with the message "0 tasks moved from 0 lists to "Relocation" Undo?".

How can I move the new task to the 'Relocation' folder in my account so that we both have the same view of the lists and tasks?

I am using Windows XP Professional, Mozilla Firefox
Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
jennien, the tasks should be appearing in the Relocation folder instead of the Inbox, so it sounds like something strange is happening there. Can you please email us at [old address removed] with your friend's username, so we can check into this? Thanks!
Posted 12 years ago
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