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Keyboard shortcut to jump to the JUST-CREATED task?

jrrt says:
I value being able to use the keyboard instead of the mouse as much as possible. Keeps the carpal tunnel at bay.

In the Mac app, is there a keyboard shortcut (or combo of shortcuts) which would allow me to, after creating a new task, jump right to it to proceed to edit it? If not, can one be added?

Such as adding sub-tasks or notes. Instead of having to click on the (temporary) notification in the top center part of the window. I do use Smart Add characters to create the core attributes, but often create multiple sub-tasks, or notes containing multiple URLs of related web pages and comments about those URLs. You don't want to do all of those things in one line! (:-))

Only thing I can come up with so far is to
(1) assign a specific tag to the new item
(2) press ESCAPE to remove focus from the "Add a task..." field
(3) g then s (go to a specific tag)
(4) * then a (Select all tasks in the current list)
(5) Do what you want to the task. EXCEPT there is no shortcut for adding a subtask. AND I don't see how to navigate back out of the task -- in other words, there isn't a "Close Task" shortcut (the opposite of "Open Task When in single-pane view, open a task's details"), which you would want if you were working within a task and its subtasks, for example.
Posted at 9:05pm on June 22, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jrrt,
Thanks for getting in touch. There's not currently a shortcut for this, but we appreciate your feedback!

If it helps at all, you can add a note with //Note text in the Add Task bar if you wanted to use that.

But currently you would need to click on the notification or select the task in another way to add subtasks or to have more editing room to add a note.

Hope this helps a bit, but in the meantime I've passed your feedback on to the development team!
Posted 7 months ago
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