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Exclude a list from being searched

mmoore100 says:
I have a list called Reference that I use to store items I know I'll probably use again, but when I do a quick search from the search box, I don't necessarily want the search to show items from this list.

Is there a way to have this happen without manually typing NOT list:Reference each time?

Or, what if I archive this list? Can I still add items to it, or would I have to unarchive, add an item, rearchive each time?
Posted at 8:09pm on May 11, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mmoore100,
It's not currently possible to exclude a list by default, sorry. Archiving would be an option, but yes: you'd need to unarchive to search, then rearchive to hide from the search results.

That would definitely be the best way to exclude from a quick search.

If you're looking for Smart Lists, you could add NOT list:Reference to those to "bake in" the exclusions from Smart Lists or searches you use frequently.
Posted 12 weeks ago
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