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Repeating Tasks And Added Dates

esymacojr says:
If I understand correctly, a "Repeat Every" repeating task just edits itself everytime it is "done" to have a different due date. A "Repeat After" repeating task on the other hand creates a new task everytime it is "done". Therefore, am I correct that each a "Repeat Every" task has the same "added date" everytime it edits itself, while a "Repeat After" task has a different "added date" every time it regenerates itself?

I am asking because I really don't want to wait a day to check lol, and it may be important for a sorting pattern I want for my list.
Posted at 3:04am on May 6, 2020
esymacojr says:
LOL OK I was stupid, I could have checked it myself, "Repeat After" clones itself immediately after completing it, and YES it does change its added date to when you complete it. NEATO! I can go ahead with the list idea that I want to implement.
Posted 13 weeks ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi esymacojr,
I'm glad you were able to set this up the way you want!

If it helps, both repeats will generate a new task (with a new added date), but that generation will happen at different times: when it is due for "every" tasks, and when it is completed for "after" tasks. You can see more on our repeat page.

Let us know if we can ever help with anything else!
Posted 13 weeks ago
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