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Rotating Assignments

simrang says:
Does anyone know if it's possible to have rotating assignments... for example, if:

Step1. John's turn to do the dishes today
Step2. Mary's turn to do the dishes (if John did them the last time)
Step3. Go to step 1

Now if the day after John had done the dishes, John and Mary were out, it will be Mary's turn the day they return... so it can't be a simple alternating task for each... and it's a "repeat after" task with a dependency and it changes who it's assigned to.

Has anyone done anything like this in RTM? If so, i'd love to know how you achieved it?


Posted at 7:04am on March 28, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Simran,
Thanks for getting in touch. This isn't possible currently, but it's a neat idea! I've passed it on to the development team for review.

In the meantime, using an "after a day" etc. repeat might be the best way to keep the tasks from stacking up, but you would have to have two (one for each of you) and to postpone them in pairs when the schedule is interrupted.

Hope this helps a bit!
Posted 4 months ago
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