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(closed account) says:
Hi new Pro user here trying this out for the first time giving it the 14 day trial run and comparing to another program. So far very impressed with this program. Much "simpler" than another program I am comparing it against yet equally as effective no doubt. I do however have two quirky issues to ask about the first one being the most significant and personally it's greatly inhibiting the fluid usability for me (at least when compared to another program I am vetting it against.)

First question applies to Web / Windows apps;

1) When clicking on either a Task or Sub-task the relevant info appears in right side pane. The right side pain appears to be broken into upper and lower sections; the upper being what I will call "supporting data"- start and finish times/ repeat/ list/ tag/ location. The lower half being the "important data" - a) the list of sub-tasks inside of the chosen task, and b) the comments associated with the sub-task.

The top half administrative data takes up so much room on the top of the page that the sub-tasks/comments are nearly completely off the screen so every time I click on a task I immediately need to scroll down the right pane to see sub-tasks and comments. This strikes me as an unnecessary effort. I would think the sub-tasks and comment should be on the upper half of the screen and immediately visible, and the supporting data can be down lower to view if necessary. Another program i am using right now takes that supporting data and splits it into two parts some is incorporated into the "header" of the right side pane and some built into a pop-up box near the header that you need to click on to see. If I attempts to zoom out to bring say 6 sub-tasks and 1 comment (comments are excruciatingly important to me) in to view, then the entire screen data is too small to use. As i am trying to decide between RTM and another app, this one feature may end up being a a tie breaker for choosing the other program. Sadly I like the simplicity of RTM so much I am leaning towards keeping the program long-term but this one issue is nagging me every time i click on a task I feel like my attention is being diverted away from the data I need to see and instead being forced to look at supporting administrative data.

Anything i am not aware of to re-arrange the data on right side pane or make it more user friendly for my preference?

Second one is applicable to windows desktop client;

2) What the heck is wrong with this? - When I attempt to scroll down the left side panel using the scroll bar it will not allow me to; the bar keeps jumping back to the top and it never allows me to go all the way down to see whats on the bottom of the left panel. Even when I grab the scroll bar and hold it all the way down the boom the left panel keeps jumping around and trying to go back to the top and makes it unusable. Under Help it indicates V 1.1.18 which is latest version on the website for dl. Thoughts?
Posted at 1:20pm on March 26, 2020
(closed account) says:
EDIT - changing the Setting / General to reduce the amount of administrative data appearing in the right window pane provides little to no improvement I have already tried that.
Posted 4 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi spur1,
Thanks for getting in touch. Both of these issues seem more specific, so we will want to discuss these by email. I see that you already wrote in, so we'll continue there! Thanks again!
Posted 4 months ago
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