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Work offline options?

esymacojr says:
With what happened to the RTM network last weekened I have become concerned how it could affect my workflow if I fully commit to the system and the network problems happen again.

What exactly can one do with RTM (webapp and mobile) once the network is gone? Maybe let's say the network goes wonky again, or if there is no mobile signal/wifi to be had?
Posted at 4:36pm on March 10, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi esymacojr,
The mobile apps will work offline, and you can enable offline in the web/desktop app.

With either of those enabled, you can add tasks and work with them, and you can receive local reminders in the web/desktop/Android app. (iOS reminders are pushed from your account, so those wouldn't work while offline.)

Even without offline enabled, the app makes an effort to keep any unsaved data if you are working on something while your connection is interrupted.

Hope this helps!
Posted 10 months ago
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