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New user registration broken

peter.smulders says:
When I try to register a new user (I admin for our company) I go through the process and on the 'success' URL I only get a blank page. Registration appears to actually have failed (the blank success page is a symptom, not the actual problem, it seems) because user cannot login and I can try re-registering several times with the same details and do not get an error for an already existing user or address.

Tried on different computers, fresh Chrome profile, etc.
Posted at 9:10am on March 9, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi there,
Sorry for the inconvenience! This was corrected earlier today (around noon UTC) and all account problems should no longer occur.

Let us know if you're seeing anything else or contact us if you need any more specific or private help!
Posted 6 months ago
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