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Privacy Policy - Tasks

rmousseau says:

Reading through your Privacy Policy it covers primarily Personal Data which based on my reading of the Policy does not include task related information. Users could keep some things in their task list that can tell a lot about them and in this day and age, tasks seem like a prime candidate for data mining, analytics, etc. (and I am not referring to mundane things like grocery lists but other types of tasks such as "refill xxxx prescription", "call dr. xxxx", etc.)

The Privacy Policy states "...That being said, we don’t access the content of any task lists unless you specifically ask us to do so..." which one could read to mean no human being will access the content of any tasks. So my question is this — are tasks used and/or accessed, in any way, in processes other than those required to support the main functions of adding, saving, deleting, displaying tasks and notifications?

Also, is the main content of a task encrypted at rest? If not, are there any plans to implement this to provide a higher level of security so only a user can see their task content?

Posted at 4:11pm on March 5, 2020
rmousseau says:
No response? Really?
Posted 5 months ago
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